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I was tasked to prepare the Mindanao University of Science and Technology Fun run last February 2013 but due to some circumstances, the fun run was moved to September .

Here’s the detail of the Fun Run :

General Mechanics :

Thirty (30) minutes before the first event the organizers shall ask all the participants to convene at the starting line for the announcement of rules and for warm up exercises.
The 10K race starts promptly at 5:00 am, followed by the 5K Team event and the fun run after every 5 minutes thereafter.
On the cue of a start shot, the starting line rope shall be released to indicate the start of the fun run. Cyclist Marshals and a pace car shall guide the participants along the route of the fun run.
Water re-filling stations will be available on the indicated portions of the route.

Paramedics will be on stand-by at designated portions of the route.
A sweeper (car or van or truck) shall pick-up the runners who cannot run anymore for health reasons. Marshals patrolling the route are in charge to assess the participants’ conditions. People who can no longer run will be transported back to the nearest medical station or to the fun run HQ.


Only participants 18 years old and above may join, provided registration fee is paid.
Top finishers who will cross the finish line will be determined through the time record they achieve as recorded by the Chief Race Marshals.

Winners placing 1st through 3rd (male and female) will receive a Cash award.

1st place – P5, 000.00
2nd place – P3, 500.00
4th place – P2, 000.00


Only participants 13 years old and above may join provided registration fee is paid.

There will be a minimum of 5 and a maximum number of 12 participants in a team who can join.

Each team member will receive a special team runner name tag.
Scoring is based on a “First Five” category system. The first five runners of a team who will arrive at the finish line will receive points.

The finishing place of each runner will correspond to the number of points he/she will give the team. 1st placer will receive 1 point, 2nd placer will receive 2 points, 3rd placer will receive 3 points and so on.

Only the scores of the first five runners of the team will be counted in the overall tally.
Scores of team members will be tallied and the teams are placed in order of lowest scores.

Team winners placing 1st through 3rd will receive a Cash award per Team.


Only participants 7 years old and above may join provided registration fee is paid.

Participants who are Six (6) years old and below are free of charge. If yayas are to join in the run to care for the child participant, registration fee for the yaya is required.


The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event without notice should they consider this necessary for safety reasons. However, the organizers will exert all means to post prior notice, whenever possible, at the race website for any change to the event details, or for cancellation of the event due to inclement weather and/or force majeure.

Each competitor will compete on the approved course as directed, will not accept outside assistance and will accept the Chief Race Marshall’s decision as final.
The organizers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry at any time.

No refunds of entry fees.

No obstruction is to be caused to the movement of vehicular traffic. Supporters must not follow competitors

The only vehicles permitted to follow the event are Official mobile escorts and cars

The Chief Race Marshall reserves the right to alter without notice any of the Race Rules which govern the event.

In the event of a tie, the tied competitors will be placed in ascending order of their race numbers.

No dogs permitted to accompany runners.

2K – P200.00 with race jersey and race bib
3K – P300.00 with jersey and race bib
5K – P400.00 with jersey and race bib
10K – P500.00 with jersey, race bib and finisher’s medal


5:00 A.M. – 10K
5:05 A.M. – 5K
5:10 A.M. – 3K
5:15 A.M. – 2K

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