PostHeaderIcon House wrecked in 10 minutes by Typhoon Sendong

This is the grim picture of our beloved house after the flood. What we have worked for 16 years were gone in 10 minutes. Our appliances like Plasma TV, desktop computers, microwave oven, refrigerator and other electrical devices were all damaged… furniture and books too! Thank God our kitchen built-in cabinet was intact. What’s inside like plastic wares, pyrex, kitchen utensils and even my favourite utility knife was still there.

All the debris inside the house were taken outside. We recovered some of our things from the mud like bicycles, shoes, clothes, plastic racks. For now, we do not know what to do with our house. We do not have water and electricity yet. It’s heartbreaking to see our home wrecked by the killer flood but we are more thankful that God spared our lives and He moved in His own mysterious way.

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