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Health is wealth” is very old saying. I have  heard about this a hundred times from my parents while I was still young.  I was a sickly boy  but at the same time an adventurous one. Even if I  have fever as high as 39 degrees, I can still manage to play around and  go home late at night.  Now, that I am a little bit older ( Is mid- forties old ? )  I understand the value of having a good health.  That is why I keep myself physically   fir always.

I believed that health is more important than wealth. No matter what is the age health always matters. A sixty year’s old person with good health enjoys life more than a twenty year’s old sick boy. So I believe health is the key of our happiness, success and our achievements. Everyone no doubt wants to live healthy in his/her whole life. I have mentioned below some of the facts of healthy life.

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