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A friend wanted to buy a piano this Christmas and he asked my humble opinion  . Looking for the best piano can be overwhelming,  with so many types and brands of pianos to choose from.

Although I have been playing the piano for quite a long time now, I am not an expert  on giving advises. The UVI Grand Piano Collection has this primer on piano types and brands for my friend  so that he  can quickly and easily find the right piano.

Grand pianos have an average of 10,000 moving parts and range in size from 4′ 6″ to over 9′ long. They have a winged shape with a curved right side and flat left side. Grand pianos are generally owned by professional and more serious amateur pianist.

Upright pianos are also known  vertical pianos. It has an average of 5,000-6,000 moving parts. They typically cost less and take up less space than grand pianos, and are more commonly owned by amateur and hobbyist piano players.

Upright pianos come in various types depending on their size. The taller an upright piano is, the better the action. The following is the classification. Spinet pianos – approx. 36″ tall. Console pianos – approx. 40″ tall. Studio pianos – approx. 45″ tall. Professional pianos – approx. 48″ tall

With modern technology comes the Digital pianos . It  utilize the technologies of audio microchips and speakers to reproduce the sounds of a traditional piano as well as those of other keyboard instruments like organs and harpsichords. People live this type of piano because it  offers players the ability to record their practice sessions and performances.

All the pianos I have mentioned are great but choosing the right piano for you depends on your budget and your need.

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