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I am glad that PNoy himself, during the Proclamation of Team Oca yesterday, affirmed what Save CDO Now Movement Inc declared during the Recall Signature Campaign and the Administrative Case filed in January of 2012. That although storm Sendong was an act of God, Mayor SenDongkoy Emano is responsible for the thousands of Kagay-anons who were swept away, injured and died. The Mayor knew of the impending storm yet did nothing to warn or prepare us. He asked for the titling of those sandbars and after Sendong was pushing for the return of the victims back to where their homes used to stand with his “kapit sa patalim” doctrine. He even ordered the dead brought to the dump site and danced and sang on the 1st year to commemorate the dead. Remembering Dec 16 will always be painful. But healing cannot happen with the ongoing denial, distortion and delay in exacting accountability. Its 19-0 for Team Oca, Asdang Cagayan de Oro!

( A repost from our FB Group from Tito Mora)

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