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Our church  28th  Thanksgiving  Anniversary  was celebrated with a bang. Brethren from different places came to join the worship celebration. Even from those far flung areas attended the joyous occasion.  Our worship team led us  in a grand Praise and Worship that express our gratitude  to our Almighty God. The  creative arts ministry dance presentation  of the song Yahweh was so beautiful. . We even launch our church website, which is one of the highlights of the  program. The speaker of the event cam all the way from Canada and shared to us  the importance of being  in line with  God’s leading to  preach the good news. It’s so nice to know  that  God’s faithfulness in our lives can always be celebrated not only in special occasions  but everyday. We are looking forward to our 30th year anniversary Two years from now. Great is Thy Faitfulness Oh Lord!

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