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As I have posted awhile ago, people are rushing to auto dealers this new year. I know a few who already went from one dealership to another to have their dream car for 2014. These are the few things I reminded them before shedding their hard – earned money :

First, they should assess their needs as a car user. Changes to household might have influenced decision to look for a larger or smaller car, so think about how it will alter your needs. For example, if your children are now grown-up , of course you need a bigger car. If you are going into a farming ( like we are planning this year) then look for a pick-up truck.
Second, consider the engine and fuel efficiency. How much distance do you cover on a daily basis? If you are planning to do more than just travelling to and back from work on a weekend, it could be better to choose for a diesel engine. Diesel engines have a higher fuel efficiency compared to standard gasoline engines .

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