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PostHeaderIcon The Golden Girl Next Year

My sister’s birthday is today and for two weeks now, we’ve been searching for the right gift for her. She’s living far away from us , a 4-hour drive from where we live and we decided to surprise her on her 49th birthday . Next year would be a different one since she would be a golden girl, her 50th year. We searched online at at Joy Jewelers and liked a piece of jewelry which would be the perfect gift for her. I have two sisters and I love them both. We are best of buddies since our childhood years. Ate Gemini, as we fondly call her is a  very protective  of me and our  youngest sibling.   She’s bubbly, musically inclined and plays the piano expertly. Very intelligent and half crazy as well ( LOL).

PostHeaderIcon Giving -up blogging…

I have been very busy for the month of May that I realized I have only written two post for the month! Oh my! Am I saying goodbye to blogging world ? Not like the previous years that I can make an average of 30 posts per month. My wife told me to give up blogging if I can no longer update my post.With the cost of domain and web hosting renewal, I am thinking to give it up too. What do you think ?

PostHeaderIcon Health indeed is wealth!

Health is wealth” is very old saying. I have  heard about this a hundred times from my parents while I was still young.  I was a sickly boy  but at the same time an adventurous one. Even if I  have fever as high as 39 degrees, I can still manage to play around and  go home late at night.  Now, that I am a little bit older ( Is mid- forties old ? )  I understand the value of having a good health.  That is why I keep myself physically   fir always.

I believed that health is more important than wealth. No matter what is the age health always matters. A sixty year’s old person with good health enjoys life more than a twenty year’s old sick boy. So I believe health is the key of our happiness, success and our achievements. Everyone no doubt wants to live healthy in his/her whole life. I have mentioned below some of the facts of healthy life.

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