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PostHeaderIcon Happy Anniversary My Loveydove….

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PostHeaderIcon Luminous Electric Guitar Strings

We just bought our son a brand new electric guitar. We bought him another one four years ago and this time it would be a gift for his full scholarship grant in a university. He really loves to play guitars so this one is the perfect gift for him. His dad bought him also a luminous guitar strings and it really impressed him. But two weeks after using it, the color faded and he had to buy another set to replace it. But I’ve seen an exp46 from guitar centera nd it really caught my attention and interest. This would be the perfect surprise for our son who’s telling me to buy a brand new set of electric guitar string so he could again replace the old one.

PostHeaderIcon Para-sailing !

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PostHeaderIcon A jewelry piece for her birthday

My wife’s friend once engaged in selling jewelries. And she said that emotional appeal is one of the greatest motivators of a customer to choose one piece of jewelry over another, and choosing fashion jewelry designers . Perhaps she said, it is the allure of dazzling sapphire teardrops in the continuing infinity of earrings that made her heart flutter or it maybe even finding the ideal cut and the intensity of its brilliance upon finding a stunning half-carat marquise diamond that caught her attention.

That well said, she continued that, never mind the reasoning, it was the attraction that causes the purchase of a beautiful piece of jewelry that can offer the owner the satisfaction of a lifetime. How about buying my wife a jewelry piece on her 46th birthday?

PostHeaderIcon Piso Fare is on the air…

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