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My wife called me with a panicked voice that she was robbed. A group of men boarded the public commuter she’s riding and without any warning, one of them grabbed her necklace and ran with it. The other passengers could do nothing about it. That necklace was my gift to her and it really worried both of us. Anyways, we can still save and buy another one for her. I’ve seen this in the net and it really caught my attention. It’s about wholesale prices of jewelries! Hhhmmm…that’s good news! This would be an opportunity for us to find the right necklace for my dearly beloved.

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My sister called me once before Christmas a year ago. She sounded excited when she told me that she’s going to give me something that I would surely enjoy using. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to tell me what it was! Begging her to tell me, my dear sister just laughed and laughed and assured me that I would jump for joy upon seeing the package. I have no inkling about it until the time when I opened the packaged she gave me. It was a citizen eco drive watch from ! Believe it or not, this is my first time to get this kind of timepiece and I have no idea how expensive it was to buy it here in our place. I literally jumped for joy upon receiving that gift from my dearest sister.

PostHeaderIcon USAid pick CDeO

CAGAYAN de Oro City has been chosen by the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) as the pilot city for development in Mindanao under a two-year project called Investment Enabling Environment or Invest, Mayor Oscar Moreno announced Friday.

“They want to help the Philippines,” Moreno said in his opening message during the stakeholders forum in a restaurant here Friday.

He added the agency would like to assist the Philippines in development because many of the residents live in the urban areas.

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