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PostHeaderIcon Freedom Fun Run Ranking/Result

freedom fun runfun run result

Who would not be happy to be on the 171st among 1000 runners ? My regular jogs in runs pad off! I wish all the fun run will have timing chips so that we all can monitor our progress.

PostHeaderIcon MUST Fun Run! Join Now!

10 K – 400
5 K   – 300
3 K   – 250

PostHeaderIcon An offer from Lazada

My yahoo mail surprised me yesterday with an email from LAZADA ONLINE STORE. They are proposing a review article  in lieu of  tokens from the store.  I have heard a lot of bloggers has already been featured in Lazada but I did not expect that soon I will be  on their website writing a review. I am not really a full time blogger ( you can see it from my blog which is updated once in a while )  but maybe I am just lucky to be selected. Anyone  who has done a review for LAZADA ?  Send me your links please.I am excited to write an article now!

PostHeaderIcon Ruby Tuesday


Entry for Ruby Tuesday 2

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