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PostHeaderIcon Great Takamine G – Series

The great takamine g series at musicians friend would perfectly fit the worship band in our church, especially that we have just launched our youth church. Acoustic guitars give soothing sounds during worship time. The young people will also appreciate the importance of this musical piece when mixed with the crunching effect of an electric guitar, the keyboards, the electric rhythm guitar as well as the drums. This is one musical gadget that I am planning to purchase before the year ends. I wish I could find the same model and price from our local music store here or else I would be compelled to let my sister living in California to buy the gadget for me.

PostHeaderIcon Bombing at Rosario Arcade, Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro City

I woke up  early this morning because my son was  going to their school early for the coastal cleaning drive.  I could not go to sleep  anymore, so I browsed the internet to see what’s up with my facebook which I was not able to see for the past days.  Oh My! Most of the update was about a bombing that killed 6 people and hurt 30 others. I could not believe it because yesterday, there was a bomb scare at the Nazareno Church ( near  Gaisano mall) . The policemen and bomb squad was there to check  but it was only an abandoned motorcycle.

What’s stake with the coming Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta ?

PostHeaderIcon Kagay-an Festival Marathon 2013



The Kagay-an Festival Marathon 2013 will be held on August 18 and will  be one of the highlights of this year’s Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta celebrations.  Unlike last year’s fun run which  the longest distance is only 21k, this  year it includes 42k.

Registration fee as  follows  :

5K – Php 400
10K- Php 600
21K- Php 800
42K- Php 1500

All registrants will get a race bib and jersey. All finishers will get a certificate, freebies and finisher’s medal. 42K and 21K will get a timing chip and finisher’s shirt. 42K participants will be entitled to a carbo loading dinner.

Hurry register at La Cabana Spa ( CM Recto in front of Magnum Radio) and  Centrio Mall.


PostHeaderIcon Your wealth will not buy your health

Healthy body is the most important treasure one could have in life. Even if you are the riches man in the world and you are having an incurable disease, your wealth will not buy your health . You will not be able to enjoy other things in life if you are always in the hospital getting treatment. Young people today does not pay attention to their health. They don’t exercise, eat unhealthy foods and lack sleep. Most kids today are eating junk foods all the time. Then it is not surprising that their health is getting into waste as well.

PostHeaderIcon Watch out for the Miss Cagayan de Oro City 2013

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