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PostHeaderIcon Running 21k on Freedom Fun Run

The Fun Run last June 15 marked my first year in joining fun run in the City. My first fun run a year ago was an awkward one. Coming from our family vacation and  without much preparation, I joined the Freedom Run on June 17,2012  . Guess what ? I finished the race so late… How about the latest Freedom Fun Run ? I’m proud to say that I was among those who reached the finish line earlier.


IMG_8974 IMG_8987



PostHeaderIcon Upgrading our musical instrument

Weniel, my son’s band mate plays the rhythm guitar for the Youth church. He plays well with much gusto and is a humble learner of his craft. You could just hear him strumming his old guitar and singing every time he has a free time. I believe an epiphone dr-100 acoustic guitar would best suit his taste as a musician.

By next year, we would be upgrading the church’s musical instruments and a brand new acoustic guitar would be part of the list. I know that the Worship Band members will really be excited about this. Well guys, just wait patiently and don’t lose heart… the best is yet to come!

PostHeaderIcon DENR Region X exceptional service!

I have been to a government agency yesterday and I was surprised with their hospitality and assistance given to me. Although, I went there on a Friday and 30 minutes before their closing time, I was still entertained and all the assistance I needed was extended. The section of the records department even extended another 30 minutes just to finished the blue printing and photocopying of the documents I needed. Big thanks to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Office ! You go beyond what a public servant should do!

PostHeaderIcon Buying gold coins online

Our friend’s offer for us to buy gold coins online is something new for us. My sister who works and lives in California heard of this and is planning to invest on it. It’s a tempting offer but set aside the idea of getting involved in this business scheme for several good reasons. One of these is that we have not yet enough money to invest, we still have to prioritize on our needs, we started investing on our farm and maybe in the future we can consider this idea.

Maybe my mom and some of my friends would like to give it a shot. It takes someone with enough knowledge on this kind of business to get involve with it. Though it is risky considering that there are lots of scam sites online but if you can buy it from a reputable site, you can get a genuine gold coins at a cheaper price.

PostHeaderIcon Cagayan de Oro City to Laguindingan Airpot

I blogged about the pre-mature opening of Laguindingan International Airport last week. As much as the people wanted to extend the opening because of some technicalities, we can not do anything about it because the President of the Philippines already approved its opening last June 15. I heard lots of complain from travelers and businessman because going to the airport takes a lot of time not only because of the traffic congestion along the Barangay Bulua intersection but because of the on-going concreting of road of barangays approaching Laguindingan.It takes more than an hour to reach the airport from Cagayan de Oro City.

I have yet to experience all of this as we are going to the airport this Monday. I wonder of there are stores, food stalls and other amenities already open for the public.In Other international airport in the country, we can buy discount cigars.. I hope we can do it also in Languindingan International Airpot.

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