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PostHeaderIcon No more ferry going to Dumaguete City from Cagayan de Oro City ?

My boss tasked me today to look for  ferry schedule for Cagayan de Oro City to  Dumaguete City. I was surprised  that  all shipping lines has no more schedule to Dumaguete. I remember Negros Navigation  CDO – Manila will drop by Dumaguete once a week , Cebu Ferries has a Sunday morning trip  and George and Peter lines has a once a week trip too!   So this means  Kagay-anons does not travel frequently  to Dumaguete City. I don’t see any connection between two cities  . Do you ?

Anyway, I told my boss two options : Take a land trip to Dipolog City and board ferry direct to  Dumagute City to take a quicker trip  to Cebu City by plane then take a bus to Liloan,  Cebu and cross the sea  ( 30 minutes) to Sibulan, Dumaguete .

PostHeaderIcon Looking for guitar amplifier

I’m thinking of buying my son a randall amps for his personal use. He’s now playing the lead guitars with the Youth worship band in our church and he told that he really wants to focus on practicing and mastering his skill in guitar playing. We bought him a guitar amp once but it was completely destroyed when our place was hit by a destructive flood a year ago.

We are looking for music stores that offers good value to our money and if they can offer us a big discount on amplifiers and guitars too. Our son would surely be happy for this.

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