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PostHeaderIcon Asdang Cagayan de Oro!

The stewardship of the rebuilding of Cagayan de Oro cannot be placed in the same hands of those men and women, whether as elected public servants, favored big or small businessmen or private citizens who have contributed, profited and/or conspired by direct or indirect participation to the almost destruction of our social, economic and political values, UNLESS they come clean and break the chains they have made for themselves. The walls of Jericho fell by simple obedience. Answer the call and choose well. Asdang Cagayan de Oro!

PostHeaderIcon Distortion,Delay and Accountability

I am glad that PNoy himself, during the Proclamation of Team Oca yesterday, affirmed what Save CDO Now Movement Inc declared during the Recall Signature Campaign and the Administrative Case filed in January of 2012. That although storm Sendong was an act of God, Mayor SenDongkoy Emano is responsible for the thousands of Kagay-anons who were swept away, injured and died. The Mayor knew of the impending storm yet did nothing to warn or prepare us. He asked for the titling of those sandbars and after Sendong was pushing for the return of the victims back to where their homes used to stand with his “kapit sa patalim” doctrine. He even ordered the dead brought to the dump site and danced and sang on the 1st year to commemorate the dead. Remembering Dec 16 will always be painful. But healing cannot happen with the ongoing denial, distortion and delay in exacting accountability. Its 19-0 for Team Oca, Asdang Cagayan de Oro!

( A repost from our FB Group from Tito Mora)

PostHeaderIcon Laguindingn Airport opening postposed to June 15

DAYS after Manila-based news organizations reported about it, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (Caap) in Northern Mindanao has yet to receive an official order from Malacanang allegedly postponing the opening of the Laguindingan Airport from April 30 to June 15.

“As of today (Thursday), the postponement of the opening is still unofficial until we receive the official order,” Caap Northern Mindanao director Moh’D Naga Rascal told a press conference at the office of the National Economic Development Authority (Neda).

Rascal said neither the Department of Transportation and Communication nor Malacanang has furnished the Caap regional office with the official order.

Rascal, like the rest of the public in Cagayan de Oro, only learned about the alleged postponement when the ABS-CBN website and other Manila-based news websites published the story om Tuesday afternoon.

PostHeaderIcon Postcard making!

It’s summertime here in our place and the kids are looking for some adventures. Not just the idea of going to different local tourist attractions but they’re itching to do new things. We’re thinking of letting them design postcards for our church activities this summer. We have our Family Camp, Youth Boot Camp, Summer Sports’ Camp and they surely can be of great help.Thye already have lots of idea for the post card and one of them is all about  Cagayan de Oro City.

We noticed their excitement as they looked for any cheap postcard printing available so they could produce as many postcards as they want and sell it very cheap. This will also let them help with the fund raising for the Youth boot camp.


The heat is on! It is official! Campaign days are on the go. Local and national candidates from different political parties are now wooing the public with an array of their accomplishments, capabilities and abilities. Politics in the Philippines is very colorful! Colored t-shirts, banners, posters, and print ads are everywhere. From re-electionists to the newbies in politics, you could see them almost every day from almost everywhere shaking hands and smiling with the common Tao.

Blaring campaign slogans and jingles can be heard every day in the city. Red, white, blue, orange, pink, lavender, green are common color motifs for these politicians. But as what our Pastor shared during a political campaign the other day, “Be a statesman rather than a politician. A statesman campaigns and thinks for the next generation, a politician campaigns and thinks for the next election.” That’s indeed worthy to be considered!

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