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PostHeaderIcon Reverse Migration

Annual growth rate of Cagayan de Oro city is 4.45% which is too high comparing it to the national annual growth rate that is 2.25%. Migration is also high , farmers and other inhabitants in high highlands are going to the city reducing our agricultural productivity. The government should do something to have a reverse migration otherwise the food that we will consume will be coming from other places which will be too expensive. Our leaders must include in their plan of actions how to encourage our farmers to go back to where they belong and not to live in the city miserably, adding to the many squatters we have now.

PostHeaderIcon Mayor Emano’s suspension a gimmick?

I just came back from the City Hall and was surprised with the  rally held  at Velez St. There were lots of people  in front of the City Hall but almost half were not listening to the program . As soon as the emcee shouted ” EMANO” EMANO” they raised their voice and then back to their own chit-chats with the people beside them. I am sure the program was  a rally against the suspension of the City Mayor Vicente Emano. I heard a lot of issues regarding this suspension. That the mayor is  making a loyal check among the employee, that everything is just a stage show and  that he’s just  trying to get the sympathy of the constituents.

What really  is the truth of this matter?Is this another Gwen Garcia of Cebu ?

PostHeaderIcon Menace of our society

We have been working with the young people for quite a long time now. Giving seminars, lectures, symposium and counseling to 10 different campuses here in our city. The drug problem in our society today affects millions of the young generation. They are the main target of this demise and our youth organization will not stop fighting this menace of our society as long as time allows us to do it. There are many drug abuse rehab  in many cities but prevention is still better than the cure. Information dissemination is one of the tools we use in order for the young people to be warned against the dangers of illegal drugs. Thanks to the youth volunteers for giving their time and talent to this advocacy.


I received a text message from an unidentified number claiming to be a DTI official. Here’s the message :

“SENDER: +63 09058270699

NOTICE: Ur sim# had won P780,000 from VILLAR FOUNDATION during our 20th Anniversary. Call me now. This is Sec. Russel B. Miranda. DTI-NCR Permit # 0328 series of 2012.”

Call me now? How about you calling me? So I could trace your location?


PostHeaderIcon Assisting your health condition

Our New year’s resolution with my wife is to be physically fit (that’s seriously considered and not just for a few months of this year as many do…). Part of this discipline is to eat a balanced diet (no cola this time!), sleep eight hours a day, have a regular exercise (I’m already a half marathoner), and take health supplements just like the white castle nutrition I’ve seen in the internet. It would be an honest to goodness discipline for both me and my wife to really asses our health condition and seriously be determined to do what is needed to maintain good health. How about you? What’s your  health new year’s resolution.

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