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PostHeaderIcon Dreadnought acoustic guitar

I brought for myself an acoustic guitar 6 months ago so I could play a different instrument this time after doing the keyboards for more than 15 years. I’m talking about being with our church’s worship team since the late 90’s. I decided to try playing the guitar since I love doing it too. My son also plays the lead guitar in our Junior Worship band and just yesterday, he brought me to a music store to see a Gibson guitar worth eighty three thousand pesos. But as for me, I would love to buy a Martin HD-28 Standard Dreadnought acoustic guitar someday. It would be great playing such masterpieces.

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PostHeaderIcon Cuba and it’s cigars

How much would it cost my sister to buy a Rocky Patel brand of cigarette from Cuba? What prompted me to think of this idea was the fact that my sister’s boyfriend who visited us a few years back gave my mom a sample of a Cuban cigar and she decided to include it in her collections of things from other countries. I knew that Cuba is famous of its cigars and I thought that giving my mom this gift will surely excite her. It would take at least more than a month for the item to arrive here in our place and it would also be just the enough time for our Christmas party where we planned to give it to my mom.

PostHeaderIcon On rampant vandalism in CDeO

Vandalism is an intentional destruction of property.The recklessness of the act imputes both intent and malice. Because the destruction of public and private property Vandalism poses a threat to society and therefore it is a crime. Our Local officials said that vandals are minors. But minors with discernment can be criminally liable. Discernment, as used in Article 12(3) of the Revised Penal Code is defined as follows: “the discernment that constitutes an exception to the exemption from criminal liability of a minor under fifteen (15) years of age but over nine (9), who commits an act prohibited by law, is his mental capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong” (People v. Doquena, 68 Phil. 580 [1939]).

Doing vandalism in the early hours of the morning, far from the seeing eyes of the general public, with out-most accuracy required skills and mental capacity of discernment of the rightness or wrongness of the effects of their act. Damaging or destroying some property, and the perpetrators obviously know the property do not belong to them is a clear indication that they know the rightness and the wrongness of their actions. I am convinced that the perpetrators of vandalism have the mental capacity to fully appreciate the consequences of their unlawful act. The act of the perpetrators of going out in the early hours of the day covered by darkness clearly conveys the idea that they are fully aware of the moral depravity of their act and that they knew that they will be committing something wrong.

Destructive acts must not be excused merely because the perpetrators are MINORS. If they repeatedly do such a destructive act in many but different public and private properties is a clear indication that they acted knowingly of the rightness and wrongness of their actions.

More importantly what were the steps initiated by our local government officials to eradicate this sick practice of vandalism…….( posting by : Ruperto Gonzalo Buscato)

PostHeaderIcon All Natural – Aluminum Free

When people buy deodorant, they don’t usually read the ingredients . Me? I read the label carefully, and make sure that it says aluminum free deodorant. The problem with aluminum is that it is a toxin and hazardous to our skin. It is added in the form of aluminum salts to prevent sweating under the arms, it does this by temporarily blocking the pores of the skin and it can be absorbed by the body in the process. Research has shown that if people over used deodorants containing aluminum, they are increasing the risk of contracting skin rashes and irritation.I read an article about the an environmental issue of this deodorant ingredient, because the toxins are washed down the drain into the waterways, causing pollution.

It is possible to reduce the amount of sweat and odor in a more healthy way? Yes it is by using an aluminum free deodorant product like the Tori’s Aluminum-free and Paraben-free deodorant. At Tori’s they strive to create awareness on the hazards of mainstream antiperspirants which contain ingredients that are in correlation with the development of Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. If you wish to try their product, visit the site and avail of the 1$ off! enter code !

What more?Each of your purchases , they give back 2% of profits to support Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s research.

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