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PostHeaderIcon Preparing for the colder season

Christmas celebration in the Philippines is known worldwide to be the longest. Starting with the month that ends with “ber”, one can already here Christmas carols played on radios. As early as September, radio stations air popular carols to the delight of many. It would also mark the start of cold weather as we all look forward to celebrating Christmas. I’m thinking right now of giving my beloved wife a patagonia women s jacket… …what I mean is that I would call my sister who’s working in the U.S. to buy one for her. And of course I’ll pay her later. LOL!

PostHeaderIcon On Politics in CDO

What is our local gov’t.’s agenda for the environment in CDO? There is still hope for our mountains in CDO. The Bohol Man-Made forest which was started in 1958 is a mahogany forest stretching 2 kms. (3,000 hectares) of densely planted trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Nature preservation is one of the main activities of the Bohol Government. (Photo taken Oct. 20, 2012.) All we need in CDO is Vision complemented with Discipline, Cooperation and the Political Will to Enforce the Law. Stop the Greed Before it kills Again! Be politically involved! ( Nixon Baban)

PostHeaderIcon On DNA Testing

I’ve read it in the net, newspaper and seen it on CNN. It’s about DNA testing to see whether two persons have the same family lineage. It was quite interesting to know that a T.V. program went live with its program on DNA testing. I believe paternity test is a very important procedure to know long lost family members, family lineage or completing your family tree. Determining whether a man may be the father of a particular child often brings drama and thrill to one’s life. I have seen a T.V. program that helps in finding long lost parents and relative and it always bring tear to my eyes seeing the reunion.

PostHeaderIcon Who’s running for the EAGLES RUN?

Me! I am running 21 K on Sunday’s Fun Run!

PostHeaderIcon Air Supply In Cagayan de Oro City

Grab your Ticket now and avail of discounts! This is a concert of a lifetime

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