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PostHeaderIcon What is Spirometer?

I mind seemed to be in limbo. Forgive me of my ignorance, the fact is I’m not into any medical fields or course to know this. I’m talking about SPIROMETER. But if you have me calculate the cost of a building or a house, well, I do have enough experience to do it, having worked in a prestigious construction company here in our place. When I searched the net, here is what I got upon asking what’s this gadget: “A spirometer is an apparatus for measuring the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs. It is a precision differential pressure transducer for the measurements of respiration flow rates. The spirometer records the amount of air and the rate of air that is breathed in and out over a specified period”. So there…now I know what it is.

PostHeaderIcon Superstorm Sandy : The Storm From Hell

Seeing the damaged brought my Superstorm Sandy to  Cities like New York and New Jersey, reminded me with Typhoon Sendong.  Superstorm Sandy as what others described as “The Storm from Hell” was so strong but thank GOD it only claimed 33 lives ( as  per latest report).

As Typhoon Sendong victim, I can not helped but  sympathized with some of my friends in NY and NJ. I regret I was not updated with the news ( been busy for the last 3 days) that I was not able to send email or text to them prior to the storm.  I calling today but I can’t  go through their phones, maybe because as the news reported their are 7 million people affected with power black-out.

Let’s continue to pray for the   50 million people in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States which will be expecting to bring days of rain, high winds and possibly heavy snow.


PostHeaderIcon The best sleep with memory foam


If money could buy sleep then I believe that millions of people would spend a lot just to get one. But science today provides us with technology to improve one’s sleep. Just like the memory foam my wife longed to buy. After experiencing an advance menopausal syndrome, she has bouts with sleep problems. At times I could see her waking up at two in the morning and complain that she could not sleep anymore. If this product can help my dear wife to have a good night sleep then of course I will buy one for her as soon as it will be available here
in our place.

PostHeaderIcon We all have faults!

In a seemingly smooth perfect wall, people will always try to find cracks, and they will eventually find cracks, but it doesn’t mean the entire wall is broken and will fall down.

So if people will criticize you, find faults with you… ignore them. Just remember, they have their own share of cracks too!

PostHeaderIcon New Faces in Politics

I remember after I graduated from college and seeking for a job. During job interviews, usually the manager would ask me if I have an experience on the position I’m applying for. Of course I don’t have I’m a fresh graduate and that’s the reason why I’m applying also so that I could have an experience! Everyone started with no experience, some capitalized on the experience they gained and strive for excellence. Some take it for granted and be contented with it, a mediocre life.

Can we not give him a chance? Anyway, this is a free country.

This I thought as I ponder about some fresh and new personalities running for governors, mayors and councilors. I knew one in Cagayan de Oro City, who is being lambasted in radio, print and social media questioning his capacity for running as mayor.

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