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PostHeaderIcon Security in the future

Where can I find the best annuity rates for our family? We have planned to get a comprehensive insurance plan for us and we have to choose wisely and decide what’s best for us. Our kids are growing up and we have to have a sort of security for them in terms of education, protection and even life insurance for both of them.
It’s important to be practical nowadays. My mom who’s 77 years old already had a complete package of different insurance. From fire, health and to life insurance she got it. We want to follow her being practical and thinking of her future.

PostHeaderIcon Bohol Island’s Man-made Forest

PostHeaderIcon BHCCCI Musical Instruments

It’s been 14 years now since we bought our Korg pro-trinity keyboard. It’s really a blessing to use it in our church. We use it every Sunday Worship celebration and to many youth programs and campus campaign we have. It’s old as you can say it but its usefulness is still much needed. A member of our worship band whose dad worked in a cruise ship asked him to buy a Korg monotron analog synch as part of his musical instrument collection. He plays the Keyboards well and we are fortunate to have him with us. We are also planning to buy additional musical instruments for our worship band and to upgrade our amplifiers.

PostHeaderIcon Crime Rate in Cagayan de Oro City

That’s what Cagayan de Oro has become today. We never had armed bank robbery before but this week we had one and another credit union was robbed. We have motorcycle assassins and bag snatchers and other lawlessness. We have the distinction of having the dirtiest city and the worst traffic. Voters sell their votes. In my college days, we were proud to be known as a peaceful clean city with intelligent voters. The lawless elements are on the rise because they know that our police will not catch them intentionally or otherwise. In a recent news article in Sunstar, Mayor Emano was quoted as saying, “they want to get rid of me.” And he has no idea why?

PostHeaderIcon What a day it was!

My car surely made my day. It was a usual working day and we were just going to work when I noticed something wrong with either the tires or some bushings of our vehicle. I just dropped by my wife at the office and went directly to the auto shop. My technician friend diagnosed that I have to replace both the tie rod ends of my car. But he offered an alternative which is to go to a machine shop and have it pressed. But unfortunately, the pressing machine’s gas springs have to be replaced! That really made my day as I have to buy a new set of tie rod ends and spend a bit more of it. I could have save a few pesos from this.

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