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PostHeaderIcon Kitchen Facelift

When my mom decided to renovate our old kitchen, she collaborated that idea with my sister who’s working in the U.S. They chose to change all the kitchen tiles and cupboards. It was a minor overhaul of our old kitchen but it is quite expensive nowadays. The materials alone cost us more than the budget we allotted for it. My mom got a little bit worried but we assure her that we will chip in some amount of money to help realize the completion of our kitchen. It took us nearly three weeks to do it and we really appreciated the result. Our old kitchen looked really different, classy, practical and of course fresh.

After the kitchen facelift, my mom decided also to buy new appliances. An oven toaster perhaps? A brand new refrigerator? A coffee make? Yap that’s one thing my mom dreamed of. But how about a Procter Silex Toasters  my sister recommend she’ll buy and send it here. She said that these toasters are convenient to use and it provides powerful functionality while having not to worry with space in our kitchen. Her boyfriend even recommends her to buy one as he is using it too. My mom has a lot of cooking ideas whenever she spends time in our kitchen. Baking, cooking and broiling are old favorites of my mom and my sister really believed that buying this 2-in-1 appliance will be a great help.

We will all look forward to buying all these stuffs for our kitchen and having our bonding time together with our mom and her grandchildren. I know that she won’t complain with maintaining the cleanliness of her kitchen since she will be enjoying the comfort of having to work with a complete set of kitchen appliances. Our kids too will enjoy some cooking class with their grandma. This would create a closer bond for them and the whole family too. Coming Saturday noon, my mom’s church mates will have a pot luck at our house and we will utilize the usefulness of our new kitchen for the preparation of food. Hhhhmmmm…I’m smelling something good and delicious!

PostHeaderIcon Digital Printing with Conquest Graphics

Overseeing the Youth in our church is quite a challenging task. At times it is both draining physically and emotionally. Recently we had our youth core meeting and planned for the calendar year activities. We decided to have four major activities in our campus ministries and prepared for it in advance. The church board also gave us a room for our Youth Affairs office and we excitedly prepared all necessary things to make it a real office. Books, a computer set, tables and chairs are some things we put in our office. We also placed a tarpaulin schedule of activities so we could follow through with every program, bible studies and big events we planned.

The youth core group chose to utilize digital printing for all our announcements and even our bulletin board for its practicality and utility. Plus we really saved a lot using it. Digital printing is very popular here in our city. Even big private and government offices are utilizing the use of it. Not only will you can get quality printing but you can also enhance your own design. I got idea of cost efficient digital printing when I happened to open up about Conquest Graphics . online. It provides quality online discount printing services which every potential customers need.

PostHeaderIcon Letterings in the sand

My son’s recreation in one of our beach vacation

PostHeaderIcon 3E Production Models Avenue are looking for male and female models

The are looking for models  in three categories:

I. kids to pre-teens – ages 4-12 years old, male or female.
II. teens – 13-20 yeard old, male and female
II. young professional to adults – 21 and above

All interested models are requested to email a head shot and full body photo of themselves as well as their resume to Kindly indicate what category you are in (as kids, teens or adults etc) as the subject of your email. Email your resume with the photos as attachments.They assured for a reply for  qualified applicants

PostHeaderIcon Improve your product appeal with customized label

If you are looking for an effective promotional scheme to help improve your business appeal, grow your brand identity or simple personalize your products, then consider custom printed labels. When thinking about this, we sometimes can not visualize how they can make a big impact to your business.

How do custom printed labels help? It is a great tool for image building image building. Customers can right away identify your products from your competitors. It gives a distinctive personality if you are using it for home made products. It’s a great marketing tool, giving you a you long term business benefits , thus increasing sale. Customized printed labels are the most economical marketing tool that give lucid results. In fact, it has lots of demand in various business sectors so that various printing companies have come up with the most innovative choices that work great according to your specific needs.

Some of the most common labels are business and industry labels. The included manufacturing, shipping, retail, health care and so many more. They come in diversity of shapes and sizes either in full color, static cling, embossed, foil stamped, roll labels or reflective type.
Another great promotional idea is custom labeled bottle waters or wines . These custom labels make perfect giveaways for any event. They are an excellent to create a positive impression of your company or organization by distributing water or wines with your name, logo, motor or photograph on the label.

Promotional possibilities are endless, so why not boost your sales with labels. is one of Leading Custom Printed Label Manufacturer in the worldwide web. . They offer high quality label printing in any size and shape from quantities from 1 and up. The site provide prototypes before large printing runs with no extra fees for die or setup . You can also order name plates, decals, control panels, asset tags, parking permits, static cling-ons, product ID labels, warning labels and many more. What’s great with is that you can have instant online custom printed label quotes and ordering for production in 3 days or less. Visit the site now and help them find what they offer you!

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