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PostHeaderIcon Regional Trade Fair : Kahimuan 2012


Come and visit Cagayan de Oro City this Friday for the Kahimuan 2012 . The event will be held at SM Entrance on August 25- 31. Various local products in Mindanao will be displayed  like organic and natural  foods, handicrafts, processed foods and a lot more.

PostHeaderIcon My daughter’s scrapbooks

Our dearest daughter likes scrapbooking very much. After being introduced to it by a friend, she got stuck to it and love every minute she spends cutting, pasting, and designing her scrapbooks. She loves to send us greetings using her scrapbooking materials even without special occasion.

Once she joined a scrapbooking contest and won the first prize. We could see her beaming with pride and joy showing us all the prices she won. She also got a paper craft supplies for all scrapbooking needs. That was one big accomplishment for her and we are all proud of her too. We are all looking forward to seeing her compete for another scrapbooking contest this year.

PostHeaderIcon Mellow Yellow Monday

PostHeaderIcon Xavier Estate ang Manteo Real Estate

Last Thursday, we were with some friends to visit a new constructed housing project in a posh subdivision here in our place. We really desired to transfer to a new residence we can call our own after staying for 6 months in our ancestral home. I and my wife decided to buy a new unit that’s located overlooking mountain fresh scenery. My sister recommended a waterfront location just like what the manteo real estate is offering and it’s a very good idea too. Whichever is affordable and practical for us, and then we would gladly buy it and go for the realization of our dream.

PostHeaderIcon Greenwish Ultimate Green Card Holder

This the ultimate greencard my wife received during the Greenwich product launching  last August 8 at Cagayan de Oro City with CDO Bloggers. My wife is an active  member of the group  and  enjoys the freebies she gets in every bloggers event.
For only P199 you can have this ultimate green card . With the card you can avail of the following at buy 1 take 1 ( for deliveries only) up to ten orders per card. Below is the price of the new Greenwich Special Overload Pizza

Thin crust barkada PhP 351
Thick crust barkada PhP 384

Have a pizza party now!

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