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PostHeaderIcon Gimmicks at Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center

Celebrated a friend’s daughter nursing capping last week at Limketkai two weeks ago. The group had a hard time choosing among the resto bars along the  strip at Rosario Arcade. Candy’s, Boss Cafe,Kyla’s Bistro or Big Flat Bread. We had a voted and the winners is ….. BFB! The younger ones wanted the biggest  pizza in the city and the unlimited ice tea!

PostHeaderIcon CCTV greatly helps in solving crimes

The number of robberies here in our place is quite alarming already. We are averaging three robberies a day. The government and the community as well are quite worried about this seemingly rising trend of criminality in our city. The police are encouraging the public to be part of an active neighborhood watch and private and public establishments are required to install surveillance cameras as part of a measure to repel if not to curb criminal activities.

Many criminal cases were solved and suspects apprehended due to CCTV’s in many establishments and even houses. We just hope that with this measure, we can live in a society where we don’t have too much worry on the bad guys and live peacefully among our neighbors.


THE Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines (PLP) is set to hold an open fun run dubbed “Run for Justice” this coming July 29 in Cagayan de Oro City.According to the organizers, proceeds of the activity will go to the Medical Assistance Program of PLP for the benefit of the prosecutors in the country.

WANT TO RUN WITH ME? There will be three categories — 3K, 5K and 10K. Registration now at the Hall of Justice lobby, this city and at the North Concourse Limketkai Center.

PostHeaderIcon Wordless Wednesday and Wednesday Whites

PostHeaderIcon Motorbike is a practical choice

Wow! This article reminds me again of my love of motorbikes. We owned and sold two of our previous motorbikes and I’m aching to buy a new one after two years of missing it. I love the freedom and practicality when driving a motorbike. Considering the high cost of gasoline and other petroleum products in our place, a motorbike really is a practical choice.

I’m a bit of a gadget man and during the time we still have our motorbike, I see to it that my protective gears are the best. The jacket, helmet and hand gloves were carefully chosen. I’ve seen a display of a Shoei Neotec helmet and I really admire the beauty of it. And again, it reminds me of my love of motorbikes. Patience is a virtue! I can have my dream model this year!

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