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PostHeaderIcon Remembrance from Cuba

My younger sister’s boyfriend from the U.S. visited us once and gave us a souvenir cigar with a Dutch Master brand. He told us that this is famous in their place and he gladly gave it to us as a remembrance from him. Until today, we have it displayed in our cabinet in our ancestral home. My mom also received a painting from Mexico, a Mexican hat and a Mexican figurine.

My grandfather used to smoke big cigars and we could still remember him enjoying his time in the afternoon puffing his favorite cigar. That souvenir given to us also reminds us of him. We fondly called him grandpa tony.

PostHeaderIcon On Chief Justice Corona’s Trial

Let Justice be served… save the Chief Justice. Let the Checks and Balance under the constitution remain by letting Corona remain in office. People of the Philippines, if you ever be so brave to make a change, now is the time to rise against the powers that has deceive us for a very long time, the powers of the Cojuangcos and Aquinos.

PostHeaderIcon Looking for used musical instrumetns and gadgets

As the Band Director of our church, I am quite busy right now listening to the auditions of singers and band players. After the successful boot camp, the leadership of our church decided to create 2 more junior bands to cater the talents and gifts of the young people. One would be an all-female group and the other is of mixed membership. With the creation of these new bands, we need more musical instruments and speaker stands . Can you recommend sites which offers used musical instruments and gadgets?

PostHeaderIcon Have your own Compost Bin

The destruction of the environment is one problem every nation or  individual needs to address. Each of us should find a solution to solve this problem. There’s a fast industrial growth over the last couple of decades which produced all sorts of unwanted waste material. A big percentage of these materials are hazardous to our health. One practical to help the environment is to have a compost bin in our own home or office. To know more about how to manage waste materials through composting visit . Help the environment now ! You can do it in your own little way !

PostHeaderIcon Bangon Kagay-an : The biggest facebook group in CDO

Congratulations to everyone! Bangon Kagay-an is now the biggest Facebook group in Cagayan de Oro City in terms of membership !

You want to join? Leave your FB account here , I will add you  .
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