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PostHeaderIcon 1000 volunteers need by Habitat for Humanity

To tall Kagay-Anons!

The Habitat for Humanity is in need of 1,000 volunteers for May 12, 2012 Asia Pacific build. The Volunteers will receive free kits and free Tshirts. By joining , you will not only contributed to a noble but gain more friends.

Pls. leave a comment with your contact number  and I will contact you. See you there!


“Research has shown that people who VOLUNTEER often live longer.” -Allen Klein

PostHeaderIcon Why I can not upload pictures in wordpress blog?

For the past week until today, I had a hard time uploading pictures on this site. I thought it;s the internet connection via my smart bro  but now that I am here  at Sm Mall and the internet connection is super fast, I still can’t do it. There’s nothing wrong with the pictures size. I tried uploading with the smaller kb but still it’s unsuccessful. What do you think is the problem?

PostHeaderIcon New 7 Wonder Cities in the World

I saw this appeal on my facebook group :

Please vote CAGAYAN DE ORO in the New 7 Wonders Cities Campaign (Look under Southeast Asia and Oceania)

Do we really deserved this? What do you think?

PostHeaderIcon Homeless by Typhoon Sendong

The Typhoon Sendong Tragedy left thousands of Kagay-anon homeless. This afternoon as I went to Corpus Cristi HIgh School for the General Assembly of our cooperative, my heart melted to see flood victims still at the Barangay Macasandig   evacuation site .

I greatly thank God we were not among those people who are crowding themselves in basketball gym or those who are suffering from the heat by day and the cold in the night under a small tent . Thank God for my mom for offering the second floor of their house. She didn’t renew the contract of the renter and let them find another house and offered the same to us. A mom’s love truly is unconditional. She let go of the Fifteen Thousand per month income just to accommodate our family.

Now the house is under renovation from the garage floor,kitchen tiles to the painting of the rooms. Thank you mom! You’re One in Million! I love you!

garage floor

PostHeaderIcon Happy International Woman’s Day 2012


In this modern time, women in every part of the world are still being marginalized when it comes to wages, especially in the corporate world, compared to their men counterpart, and sad to say, still today in the 21st century our women who are engaged in prostitution are more vulnerable to abuses.

The challenge: Will legalizing prostitution beneficial to our women who happen to be drawn to this profession due to extreme poverty? What should the local government of Cagayan de Oro City  do in order to protect these women whose numbers are steadily growing in our streets day after day?

A thought from my FB Group :   Duane  Zambas

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