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PostHeaderIcon Where to buy wireless headphones at cheaper price

What’s your favorite headphone brand? My kids loves the skullcandy headphones not only because of their design but because of durability , comfort and the quality of its sounds. It has also trendy colors to choose . I just wonder if skullcandy have already wireless headphones available from my favorite gadget store. I love to have it as it can be taken around anywhere since a connecting cord is no longer required. I know this unit can be expensive but I love to add it to my collection of gadget. Do you want it too? Any idea where to buy wireless headphones at a cheaper price ?

PostHeaderIcon Smartbro Snail-paced connection

My suffering will end next month!

I am referring to my Smart Bro internet connection locked-in contract which will expire next month. Since we transferred to our new residence, we can not get a good connection from the Internet Service Provider. It maybe because another ISP is just three blocks away from us.

I know their freebies for extending another contract are tempting like free phone, rebates and laptop for a low monthly amortization, I shall never get to their bait and suffer another two years of their snail-paced connection.  It’s such a waste of time glued in my PC with a little output. I wish April would be over now!

PostHeaderIcon Cowgirl boots paired with hat ang a sling bag

It’s my daughter’s birthday this April 14, but until now me and my wife can not decide yet for the perfect birthday gift for her. We want to go out from the ordinary and wanted something unique. How about the a gadget? My wife objected knowing that she’s just eleven years old and still not particular in keeping her things. I wanted a puppy but we still have our cuddly doggie “ bubbles”.

I saw cowgirl boots at awhile ago . I guess this would fit for the youth boot camp this coming May . I know she would love this for a gift specially that her closest friend had this kind of boots. I will just pair it with a hat and a sling bag.

PostHeaderIcon Looking for customized T-shirts?

I am a #1 fan of custom t-shirts. In fact I have a collection of T-shirts of places I have been to, t-shirts with funny prints, nationalistic, cartoons and of course T-shirts of my favorite movies. My love for customized shirts grew when I learned  how to print t-shirt through silk screen in my high school days  .

Now that everything can be made through the computer, I no longer do my own t-shirt printing but I rely on the T-shirt printing shop .Whenever I have a design in my mind I simply go to the shop and let it printed in a matter of minutes or browse designs from online customized t-shirt suppliers.

PostHeaderIcon Package Holidays: Spotlight on Tunisia

Tunisia is a holiday destination that can often be underestimated. With a fantastic variety of resorts, stunning beaches, glorious weather and an intriguing mix of old meets new, Tunisia is actually a great place to take package holidays.

It is also a very affordable destination, as it’s one of the few summer holiday destinations that has a currency other than the Euro. You can find very affordable package holiday deals to Tunisia, and once there, you’re likely to find the cost of food, drink, excursions and activities to be lower than you’re used to in Spanish or Greek holiday resorts.

The nightlife tends to be low-key in many Tunisian resorts, which makes it the perfect place for families with children, or holidaymakers looking for quiet relaxation. Port El Kantauoi is one resort with safe, sandy beaches and a relaxed restaurant, bar and café scene at the Marina, that would be a fantastic choice for those looking for a peaceful break.

Sousse, on the other hand, is a bustling Tunisian resort packed with shops and historical sights. Haggling in the souks is essential for those keen to experience traditional culture, with the benefit of bagging some amazing bargains to take home.

Scannes is another laid back option which has all the key elements of a relaxing holiday. Soft sandy beaches, fantastic golf courses and low-key evening entertainment make it the perfect sunshine destination for those who need to unwind.

Those looking for a taste of traditional Tunisia however should consider Hammamet, which boasts an ancient walled Medina packed with labyrinthine alleyways and Tunisian traders.

It’s clear to see that Tunisia has some fantastic resorts to choose from, particularly for those who aren’t so keen on the all night partying culture that can be found elsewhere.

If rest and relaxation in the sunshine, at a great price, appeals to you then Tunisia is worth consideration.





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