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PostHeaderIcon Bangon Kagay-an Facebook Group

Bangon Kagay-an is a solution-oriented facebook group of Kagay-anons based worldwide whose main objective is to draw inspiration from each other, to pick up the pieces from the destruction caused by the aftermath of Typhoon Sendong; to rebuild our city inside and out and be involved in shaping the city’s future.

If you are from Cagayan de Oro City and willing to be a member of this group. Leave a comment with your   facebook email account.

PostHeaderIcon Bangon Kagay-an T-shirts

Only P200.. leave comment with your size for interested buyers.

PostHeaderIcon It’s now time to fall in-love with winter with heated clothing

Most people think of this kind of clothing as an accessory for outdoor and motorcyclist. Now, with the new technology, it is moving into the mainstream of fashion. There are lots of trendy and chic heated clothing in the market which are battery powered . So staying warm in the winter can be comfortable while saving utility bills by turning the heat down and by staying warm by wearing   heated clothing in around the home and at the office.

I learned all these things when I chatted with my sister yesterday. It’s freezing cold in the U.S. this February and she relayed to me how technology evolved in terms of winter clothing from the time she arrived in the U.S. 15 years ago.

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