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PostHeaderIcon College Course for my son

Our son is now on his 3rd year in high school. He’s beginning to think and plan on what course he would get in college. We considered Law for him but he’s more comfortable with courses that deal with numbers. He got very good grades in his math subjects and he is considering an Engineering course or accountancy.

His church friend who’s in college now encouraged him to enroll on accountancy and assured him that cpa network would be a great help for him in the future. We don’t want to dictate our son’s choice. We want him to get a college degree that he loves. In that way he would excel in that course too.

PostHeaderIcon I Love Cdo

I Love CDO, my peaceful city

PostHeaderIcon Planning to study online

Learning is a never ending process. I remembered a saying that goes “ If you do not feel a little bit ignorant everyday, you stop learning” that is why I desired to enrol with Accredited online colleges  here  in our city . Conventional way of learning is good but I find online courses very comfortable considering my load of schedule at work and in the family. My mother graduated her doctoral degree online and it worked good for her and her job. If given the chance to do it, why not? I’m considering Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering or Business Administration. That of course will be challe

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PostHeaderIcon 38/365 Blog Photo Challenge


This is my first entry for Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge. I regret T-shirts like these were already sold out.

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