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PostHeaderIcon Cebu Pac and Airphil Express Airline Promo

Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific are offering Domestic and International Seat today . Domestic as low as P 288 and International for P 488 via Clark Pangpanga. I tried browsing January , February and March dates and to my surprise they were still open. Hmmm.. how about a Valentine Date with my wife at Cebu City? Or another Boracay Getaway via Kalibo?

PostHeaderIcon Tuesday Travels : Bohol Escapade

Who doesn’t love the scenery and tourist spots in Bohol? I guess everybody does…
Below are some of the photos of our Bohol Escapade.

PostHeaderIcon Love blooms

Seeing a lady doing the bridal march with tears in her eyes as her groom waited with much expectation beholding the beauty of his bride, is quite a romantic scene. This was the wedding we officiated 3 years ago, as the house helper of our friend got married to a foreigner after sex months of knowing each other through free online dating . We were so blessed to know that the guy is so in love with her bride that he traveled thousands of miles and spent almost half a million just to tie the knot and be with the love of his life. Love blooms and moves in mysterious way.

PostHeaderIcon The Largest Blogging Gathering in Visayas

The biggest social media gathering across the Visayas region will take place on November 26 at SM City Cebu. On-site registration starts at 7:30 a.m. Program will begin at 8:30 a.m. For more information on the 2011 Visayas Blogging Summit, or to register, please visit

PostHeaderIcon CDO Macajalar Bay

A view of the Macajalar Bay, Cagayan de Oro City aboard Super Ferry.

Scenic Sunday

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