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PostHeaderIcon Make sure you are covered!

My friend went to travel with his family to Bukidnon to attend a church’s anniversary and thanksgiving. It was meant to be a family bonding and a fun trip for everyone. The long drive to Bukidnon was cut short when the van they’re driving met an accident. The front axle of the van suddenly gave way and one of the tires blew. It was a scare to all of them. Luckily, there was no other car or a bus traveling on the road at that time. Unfortunately, the place where they were met an accident was a remote area with no phone signal available and no nearby houses can be seen.

Accidents just like this happen though. Unexpected but one must be ready for any eventualities. My friend waited for almost three hours before a 24-hour car service arrived. Good that their vehicle was covered with insurance and the repair cost was fully paid. Arizona car accident lawyers are in a big way just like an insurance coverage for the motorists. It’s good to know that there are law firms like the Arizona Auto Accident Lawyers looking for the welfare of the public especially in unexpected events.

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PostHeaderIcon It’s time to travel…

YES!  grab  the promo seats at  Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific. I have just booked 2  trips for our family and friends.






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PostHeaderIcon Kagay-an Festival

Kagayhaan Festival is a local Mardi gras event in Cagayan de Oro is celebrated on the 28th of August during the feast of the city’s patron St. Augustine. It shpowcase cultural and many events like Food Congress, Street Dancing, Fluvial Parade and many more.


PostHeaderIcon CDO is flooded again!

After Pedring and Quiel  devasted most part of Luzon, Typhon Ramon is here   visiting Mindanao and Visayas. Land fall will still be on October 12 ( tomorrow) Tomorrow but it seems it landed already due to the heavy rains last night and early y this morning. Some areas in the city were submerged up to 5 ft   like Canitoan, Bulua and Opol, Misamis Oriental.  Thank God our place which was flooded 3 years ago was spared.   I hope and pray nothing worst will happen tomorrow .

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