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PostHeaderIcon A day at Eden Nature’s Park, Davao City

Other attraction at Eden Fields

Scenic Sunday

PostHeaderIcon Horse back riding at Eden

It’s always been my dream to be able to ride a horse with expertise. Even some of my favorite movies have cowboy themes. As a young boy we would spend a day with my friends riding fallen banana trees as our reliable horses. It may sound funny but that’s our life way back then. Once we visited a theme park and there was horse back riding, I really told my wife that we will try it with the kids too. I dream seeing my wife having equestrian riding apparel as she rode the horse. Well, it might not come true but it will be one of those childhood dreams I will cherish.

PostHeaderIcon My New D600 Canon Camera

I chatted with my sister today and was surprised to hear that she already bought the D600 Canon Camera that I wished for this coming Christmas. Actually it was just a joke when I told her I wanted a DSLR camera with higher specification. I never thought she would take it seriously. My sister who works as a Physical Therapist in the U.S. is a giver. Just last month, we received a surprise package from her. I thought it was the package intended for Christmas, but she said, it was supposedly a mid-year gift but it was sent late.

My sister is such a giver that is why God bless her more also. Lately, she bought a new Forerunner vehicle complete with gps online. Whew! I saw the pictures and it’s hot! You deserved it sis! For your hard labor, it’s time to reward yourself!

By the way, I  will be launching my Tech Blog soon. Watch for it!


PostHeaderIcon Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

PostHeaderIcon At CUMC’s Emergency Section

It’s already midnight and I am still here at the emergency section of Cagayan University Medical Center. My mom was rushed to the hospital by her housemaid two hours ago because of severe headache. I was still at a wedding reception when I received the call, so I hurriedly went to the hospital a little bit frightened. Thank God , vital signs are normal. The severe headache was caused by lack of sleep, so she was given a sleeping tablet and was told to sleep for two hours here in the emergency room…. so here I am blogging…

Got lots to talk about here . I observed that their nurses are not wearing the conventional nursing uniforms , instead they are wearing scrubs. There are only two patients confined here which left the doctors , nurses and staff chatting about their FB friends. The air-condition is freezing cold…

Oh, the doctor is coming… I’ll better stop here now!

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