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PostHeaderIcon Asset-based loan

If you wish to get a loan in a faster way – then apply for an asset-based loan. This is what I did when we applied for a loan early this year for our house renovation. We used our Lot Certificate of title as collateral to get a loan. What I love about an asset-based loan is the lesser annual interest compared to other kinds of loan. The lender is secured about the loan considering that the value of the collateral is much higher than the amount of loan. Our asset-based loan term of payment is monthly for a duration of 3 years. The interest is acceptable and my monthly amortization is affordable.

PostHeaderIcon AMAZING

This is my 3rd time visiting Chocolate Hills… still  they amazed me! Scenic Sunday

PostHeaderIcon Life Insurance Calculator is a must!

If you are planning to buy life insurance , you probably don’t know how much exactly you will be paying to to cover for the premium . A term life insurance calculator will provide you the answer you are looking . There are lots of insurance companies online which can quote you price in minutes. In order to find out your insurance needs, you you who has to tell what type of insurance will be most appropriate for you and your family. Price may vary with age, type of coverage and terms of payment. But the best thing to consider first is your budget so that you will be able to find out how much you can actually spend for insurance premiums.

PostHeaderIcon Chocolate Hills, Tarsier and Pronny

Yes! This is my  3rd visit in the beautiful Island of Bohol, Visayas!   I am here     for a wedding of a close friend. The last time I was here was 3 years ago … now I  can see lots of changes with the tourist spots.  CHOCOLATE HILLS are still the same –  amazingly beautiful but some  buildings at the receiving section were added. Lighting posts were added along the 250 steps to offer an intimate view of the place during night time. The TARSIER  Sanctuary  was made even bigger. Wow! I can not wait to upload my pictures with the smallest primate in the whole world.  A bigger souvenir store was constructed at the foot of the sanctuary. PRONNY  shed  his skin when we arrived at Albuquerque. The biggest Python in captivity is now 14 years old.   It was lunch time when we arrived at Baclayon Church … so we just posed for a picture outside .  Got lots to tell on my recent visit but got to go for a practice.


PostHeaderIcon Curtis and Co Watches for Christmas ?

I’m a big fan of watches. It may sound awkward as I’m thinking of a covetous person but I’m totally not like that. I must admit I have Nine different kinds of watches at home. I have three for daily use, two for informal occasion ( when I’m feeling young, Lol!), a sport’s watch and three for formal occasion. My sister who works in the Us gave me two expensive watches. I simply adore them and wear it on special occasions and important appointments . As a church minister, I often have to attend meetings, conferences and other church related activities with important city officials. One thing I would asked my sister this coming Christmas are one of those curtis and co watches . I hope she could give me this one has her Christmas Gift.

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