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PostHeaderIcon Box Cutter please…

If there is one thing we lack in our office, its box cutters. It is a very important tool to be used especially that we have received big boxes from the UK and the US filled with toys for children. We have cutters in the office but we usually use it to cut Styrofoam and decoration materials for the stage. Seeing a video demo for this product, I realized its importance and the safety one can get with its proper use. I have accidents happened when I cut myself from cutter blades and it is very important to know its proper use and where you should use it. I hope we can find an affordable box cutter here from our local stores.

PostHeaderIcon Tuesday Travel : Prawn In Indonesia

The prawns during our  Mission Trip to Bandung , Indonesia

PostHeaderIcon City Real Estate

Our city known for its friendliness and hospitality was christened “The City of Friendship” in Northern Mindanao, Philippines. Not only that, our city was also called “The city in boom, bloom and blossom” for gaining the record as the fastest growing economic development in the whole island. Favorable weather the whole year through and the peace and order are major factors why many investors flocked our city. Many structures are sprouting like Hotels, Malls, and Department stores in strategic areas around the city. And with that, several housing developers are competing for land and housing development. Real estate is also at its peak. From the class A subdivisions, condominiums to low cost housing, our city is just one growing and blooming place.

I told my sister who’s working in the U.S. today with what is happening here in our place and she was excited. She decided to invest in Real Estate and buy a lot for herself. She told me that she once considered having an interest in Kansas City Real Estate when a friend invited her to go for house hunting in that place. She really liked the idea and admired many house models she saw. I also encourage her to invest in her native land and that’s why she decided to buy a 2-hectare piece of land for herself. Real estate plays a major role as people from different walks of life begin to migrate here in our city. A considerable increase of visitors, tourists and migrants are flocking our place every year. Many of them decided to stay and be permanent residents here too. Not only that, our city is also known as the “Capital Adventure” of the Philippines.

( I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog in behalf of a missouri real estate company and was compensated. However, the views and   opinions are my own.)

PostHeaderIcon Wednesday Whites

BHCCCI Commemorative Shirts

PostHeaderIcon Bubbles

We fondly call her “Bubbles”. She’s our cute white haired dog that survived the test of time…We have had many puppies before but all of them died and we could not just understand why. We already spend thousands for the medicines and food but to no avail… they all did not survived.  Bubbles is now 3 years old and she had given birth to 4 puppies which were all given to our dear church friends. Lately, she had mange on feet that we brought her to a vet for early treatment. We love our faithful friend and we want to give her the best of care. Now she’s alright.. thanks to  the vet!

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