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PostHeaderIcon P1 Seat Sale with Airphilippines

PostHeaderIcon Employees’ Friday Sickness

If you plan to visit a government agency office… don’t do it on Friday afternoon. You might end up wasting your time, money and effort !

That’s what happened to me right this afternoon. I went to three government agencies today to follow-up some documents  but went back to the office with-out seeing their representative. One office made me wait for an hour   hoping the person In-charge of my documents will back.

Is this a spell very hard to break? Calling the  Department of Interior and  Local Government. Please check your people.

PostHeaderIcon P88 Zest Air


I was late!

Zest Air .. the newest airline to fly from Manila to Cagayan de Oro city offered promo seat sale of P88 yesterday. Got a friend who earnestly wanted to attend our Church  Silver Anniversary this August 21… but still waiting for a promo seat. Hmmm… better luck next time friend.

PostHeaderIcon Travel Tuesday : Indonesia

My memorable trip to Jakarta and Bandung Indonesia

At Borobudur Temple


At the highest peak of Bandung

Who says Filipinos are coward? While most of the tourists were afraid to take picture at cliff.. I did !

PostHeaderIcon Scenic Sunday

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